Monday, December 31, 2007

Checking the Stash

So now that I had my list of clothing items to make, it was time to check my fabric stash to see what I had to make them out of:

A lovely white cotton to make the smock out of.
A sage green cotton broadcloth to make the petticoat out of.
A beautiful piece of blue linen / cotton mix fabric to make my kirtle and sleeves out of.
Some burgundy canvas to interline the bodice of the kirtle with.
Some left over (aren't scraps wonderful) fustian in dark blue to line the bodice of the kirtle with.
A wonderful shade of yellow for the cotton broadcloth to line the skirt of the kirtle with.
Some black cotton fabric to make the partlet from, and some unbleached muslin to line it with.
Oh yes, some more unbleached muslin for an apron.

(Yeah, I know, it's all mostly cotton, but when you are in a hurry and you're not sure you will like to wear the outfit again, use what you have.)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

And so it begins

My research into my Tudor style clothing for the Magna Faire event took me to some great websites. (From one of the websites I ordered a book to go with the others that I already had.)

At first I felt a little overwhelmed when I read some of what I would have to make, but I just got started anyway. After a while, I don't think it bothered me so much how many articles of clothing I had to make as how much time I had to make them in. Sure, we were asked months ago to do this (if we decided to wear Tudor), however, with my overloaded schedule, I didn't get to start working on my outfit until about two weeks before the event.

I started printing the information from the websites out to put in a three ring binder (I am all about notebooks) so I could have easy access to the information while I was sewing. (It's a little hard to use a computer and a sewing machine at the same time. )

I made a list of all of the garments that I would need to make:
Smock, petticoat, kirtle with bodice, apron, partlet, and over sleeves to pin on

And, I made a list of the items that I would need to obtain:

My Laurel (the lady I am apprenticed to) had already previously made me a very comfortable cap (mind you, I am not normally fond of wearing headwear, but I really like this cap she made me).

The next step was to see what materials I had and could use for each of the articles in the list I had made.

Here's a list of some of the websites I accessed to get the information I needed to make this outfit: - The Tudor Costume Page: This is a wonderful website by a lady who does re-enactment at Kentwell Manor in England. - Another wonderful site. It even has custom corset and smock generators. - She has some amazing tutorials on her site. - This is the website for Ninya Mikhaila. She is a costumer in England who does costumes for heritage sites, local museums, etc. Her photo gallery is a must see. - This is the site I bought the book that I used for most of my outfit from. It was drool at first site the minute I got the book in my hands.

New clothes

So, recently, I went to an event called MagnaFaire.

Everyone in the household I belong to was asked (stress the word asked) to make the attempt to wear something from the Tudor time period, as that was the theme of the event.

I was looking around saying, "I am a Viking, what do I know Tudor?"

So, I started the research thing. I found lots of interesting stuff. I actually had a lot of fun making the stuff I wore to the event.

I am going to make an attempt to post over several entries about the outfit I made to wear to the event. (There might even be pictures.)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Long time, no post

Talk about being a slug. It's been four months since the last time I posted.

However, I have stuff to post this time. I will just have to do it a bit at a time there is so much.